quinta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2009

Diference between Slow down and Stop

A lawyer was driving distracted when he passes through the STOP light of the traffic light right in front of 2 policemen.

The two policemen told him to stop, but he was accting like a smart guy.

Policeman: - Good afternoon. Your licence and registration, please.

Lawyer: - But why are you asking me that?

Policeman: - You didn't stop at the STOP light back there.

Laywer: - I slowed the speed down 'cause I didn't see anyone passing buy...

Policeman: - Exactly!!! Registration and license, please.

Laywer: - Do you know the difference between slowing down and stop juridically?

Policeman: - The difference is that the law says that at the STOP light, you've got to STOP! Registration and licence, PLEASE!

Lawyer: - Or NOT, policeman. I'm a lawyer and I know your limitations regarding to law's interpretation, I suggest you the following: if you explain to me the legal difference between SLOWING DOWN and STOP, I give you the registration and the driver's licence, then you can fine me. Otherwise, I go home with no fine. ok??

Policeman: - Ok, I agree. Can you do us favor? Can you please get out of the car Mr. Lawyer??

Then the lawyer gets out of the car and the cops starts to beat him, kick him, they knock him everywhere, slaps, punches all over, step on him, etc. What a beating!

The lawyer starts to scream "HELP, HELP!" Begging them to stop beating him for God sake!

Then the cops ask:
- You want us to STOP or SLOW DOWN???

The lawyer says: - STOP! STOP! STOP!

Policeman: - All right... Registration and licence, please.


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